Lightning All Star Program

CGSA Families,

Although it seems the 2017 Spring season has just begun, it is already time to begin putting together our Lightning All Star teams for tournament play this summer. 

The CGSA Lightning program is a great opportunity for the girls to get more advanced softball instruction and playing experience in a competitive tournament atmosphere. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun. I’ve been around our Lightning program for around 8 years now and am still amazed at the giant leaps of player development that occur through these teams every summer. 

Our CGSA Lightning teams compete in All Star level tournaments around DFW against the All Star teams of other area softball associations.  These teams are formed early every spring, practice through the end of the regular season and play 4 to 6 tournaments in late May, June and early July. This past year we also got these teams back together from the summer and played two Fall tournaments in November after the regular Fall season ended. 

The teams formed last Spring were some of the more successful that we have ever had. CGSA had teams win first place at tournaments in each of the 8U, 10U and 12U divisions. We also had several team reach multiple semi-finals and finals. We also fielded younger teams in each division that gained valuable experience to apply this year. It was a great year that we will certainly build upon. 

As in years past CGSA will form five Lightning teams this spring. Two in the 8U division, Two in the 10U division and one in 12U division.  Each team will be rostered to 12 or 13 girls each. 

Selection of the players is based on two methods of player evaluation.  First is evaluation of players from their regularly scheduled games. Our Lightning coaches have already been observing the games played within their division to makes notes on the players in those games. The second factor is evaluation of a number of player attributes at the open workout/practice which will be coming up very soon. This workout/practice is open to all registered CGSA players who are interested in being considered for selection to a Lighting All Star team. 

I strongly encourage all parties interested in this program to come out to the open workout/practice and also to inquire more about the program. 

**NOTE on the time commitment of Lighting teams **

The Lightning program is designed and executed as a supplementary opportunity to the regular CGSA recreational season not a replacement for it. There will be one additional practice per week for these teams starting when the teams are formed at the end of April until the end of the regular rec season. These practices will be held on Sunday afternoons so that they do not conflict with school activities or full participation with the player’s normal CGSA team. After the rec season ends, the Lightning teams will practice twice a week and play tournaments on most weekends throughout the month of June and early July.  The teams will reform late in the Fall season and play two additional weekend tournaments in November. Please do not be discouraged from having your player participate in this great program because you plan to take vacation or have to miss some time during June, July and/or November. We roster each team to 12 or 13 players in anticipation that we will be missing players at some point during the summer for family activities or other commitments.


If you would like for your player to be considered for selection to a Lighting team I highly encourage them to participate in the open workout/practice for their age division. Selection for a Lighting team is not dependent on participation in workout, but it will weigh in team selection process. 

Open workout this spring will be held: SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd at ANDY BROWN CENTRAL Field #1

- 8U Division workout will be from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

- 10U Division workout will be from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

- 12U Division workout – Date and Time to be determined later (will be closer to end of season) 

 Eligibility for each age division for tournament play is solely based on birth year as follows:

8U – 2008, 2009 (younger players may also play in this division if selected)

10U – 2007 and 2006 Birthdates

12U – 2005 and 2004 Birthdates 

We are trying to get the players for each division all selected for the program by the end of April so that we can start practice immediately thereafter to begin preparing for tournaments. The first tournament this year is likely to be Memorial Day Weekend (May27/28). 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at all about the Lightning program. You may contact me via email at

Looking forward to tons of fun this summer, 

Chris Burgy

CGSA – Vice President/Director All Star Lightning Program





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