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Field Status

Dial (469) 751-2012

Girls Softball - Spring 2018

Girls can return to their Fall 2017 team (if returning) or enter the draft. To RETURN to the Fall 2017 team, select the desired age division and request in the special requests section.

CGSA uses a calendar year (i.e. 1/1 to 12/31) as cut-off for age divisions.

For questions regarding the spring season, please read the Registration FAQs or email the CGSA Registrar.

CGSA provides uniform jersey only for players. CGSA will provide head coaches a matching shirt. Parents and assistant coaches may order a matching shirt during registration.

Registration Status: Open
Program Duration: March 1 to May 19, 2018

Registration Dates: November 15, 2017 to February 18, 2018

Registration Cost:
-6U: $55

-8U to 15U Coppell residents: $105

-8U to 15U all other residents: $125

Welcome to Coppell Girls Softball Association!

Come join us. It's a ball!

If you are looking for a sport for your daughter which guarantees smiles, accomplishment, and self esteem:

Be inspired.  The rules of the game haven't changed much since you played ball in a back lot or a distant farmer's grassy field.

Be cheerful. The parents still yell for their favorite player, and the sun still shines on America's favorite pastime.

Be proud. There are still hotdogs to gobble up, and the elation you will feel watching your daughter make a throw to first base -- can never be captured on even the best video camera.

Be mindful.  Our first priority, and in many respects, our ONLY priority is your daughter's safety and well-being. But there are things to learn. And life must be experienced (with the proper safety equipment) to be appreciated. We are here to help.

Be giving.  We are an organization of people. We want the same things for our children that you want for yours. Join us and meet good people who are working together to make life grand! We appreciate our volunteers as much as our umpires and coaches.

Be loyal.  Maybe you were once a player, but today, you are a parent -- a fan of the best, most important player since Babe Ruth: your daughter.

Be watchful.  The bases will load up. The score will be tied. The crowd will be silent. And your daughter will be the one who comes up to bat. We guarantee excitement!

The Coppell Girls Softball Association extends an invitation to you to become part of the fun. We are here for your daughter. We are here for you.

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